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Meet your Host, Dr. Nafysa Parpia, ND

Nafysa Parpia, ND, has an independent practice at Gordon Medical Associates, specializing in Lyme disease treatment and other complex chronic illnesses like autoimmunity, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, environmental toxicity, and gastrointestinal disorders. Her patients with chronic Lyme Disease are typically those who either do not do well with antibiotics or prefer the biological medicine approach to treatment, including a combination of antibiotics and detoxification methods.

Over years of treating these illnesses, she discovered the same techniques used with essentially well people fostered increased vitality and slowed down the aging process, leading her to include specialization in health optimization and regenerative medicine in her practice.

She embraces various modalities, including peptide therapies, oral and intravenous micronutrient therapy, botanical medicine, functional nutrition, injection therapies, lifestyle counseling, and craniosacral therapy. She knows that to unravel the mystery of chronic illness, she must fully understand her patients’ biochemical imbalances, epigenetic expression (how your genes respond to the environment), toxin exposure, and emotional imbalance.

Dr. Parpia is a sought-after speaker at conferences and has spoken on Tick-Borne Illness and Environmental Medicine at ILADS, the Environmental Health Symposium, and the American Academy of Ozone Therapy. She is a board member of Neurohacker Collective and has been interviewed on their podcast, Collective Insights.

Meet your Host, Dr. Eric D. Gordon, MD

Eric D. Gordon, MD, President of Gordon Medical Research Center (GMRC), is the founder and owner of Gordon Medical Associates (GMA), a private medical practice in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in complex chronic illness.

In addition to clinical practice (40+ years), Dr. Gordon is engaged in clinical research. Between 2007-2009, he created a series of medical symposia, bringing together leading international medical researchers and cutting-edge clinicians focusing on ME/CFS, Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, and autism. The collaboration of innovative medical practice with a university research center has been his lifelong dream. Combining forces with Dr. Robert Naviaux and his research into metabolomics, mitochondrial function, and chronic inflammatory disease is now bringing this dream to life.

In 2016 Dr. Gordon was co-author with Dr. Naviaux on a groundbreaking study, “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). Dr. Gordon is a medical advisor to Tec Bioscience, and GMA is a collection site for the Lyme Disease Biobank, providing patient samples to researchers worldwide.

Meet your Co-Host, Christine Schaffner, ND

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor who has helped thousands of people recover from chronic or complex illnesses. Through online summits, her Spectrum of Health podcast, network of Immanence Health clinics, and renown online programs, Dr. Schaffner goes beyond biological medicine, pulling from all systems of medicine and healing modalities–helping patients reclaim their wellness and reveal their brightest light.

After graduating from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Schaffner completed her undergraduate studies in Pre-medicine and Psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

With her diverse skill set, Dr. Schaffner seeks to improve access, outcomes, and speed of recovery for patients struggling with chronic, complex, and mystery illnesses. Patients travel from all around the world to reclaim their wellness using her EECO methodology.


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Our Presenters


Dr. Christine Schaffner, N.D.

Dr. Schaffner's Unique Approach to Treating Mold-Related Illness

Coming Soon!

Dave Asprey

My Moldy Journey

Dave’s journey

Sleep Anxiety

Limbic system sesitivity

Dr. Jill Carnahan, M.D.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mycotoxin and Mold Related Illness

Functional medicine

Use functional medicine to find root cause of illness 

Nutrition suppliments, lifestyle changes or medication to treat illness

Paul Barattiero

EMF, Hydrogen water and microbiome

Neurobiofeedback use of light and energy to change brain , QEEG to assess brain function.

Dr. Matthew Pratt-Hyatt, PhD

The Influence of Food on Mycotoxin Testing -Cleaning Mycotoxins in the Environment

Mycotoxin testing labs and modalities , Food and mycotoxin burden,evaluation of water damaged homes , biodegrading chemicals for environmental mycotoxins

Dr. Michelle Perro, M.D.

Mycotoxin Evaluation and Treatment in Children

Acute & integrated medicine

Mycotoxins different in children than in adults

Chronic inflammatory syndrome

Dr. William Pawluk, M.D

Understanding Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Chronic Illness

PEMF Journey


Post Electronic Magnetic Field on Health

Dr. Amanda Wilms, N.D.

Mycotoxin Treatment in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Ways to help prevent damage and stabilize mothers and baby

Mold and mycotoxin illness

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Dr. Tom O'Bryan DC, CCN, DACBN, CIFM

A Deeper Dive into the Respiratory and GI Mucosal Immune Responses Especially the Contribution of Dietary Triggers.

Dr. O’bryan’s story

Auto immune fix



Kiran Krishnan

The Microbiome's Role in Protecting the Host from Mycotoxins

Microbiome role on detox

Profile of disbiotic of microbiome

Inhale and food mycoxotxins relation

Dr. Mary Ackerley, MD, MD(H), ABIHM

Where is the Mold Hiding?

Mold colonizations

Allergy with mold

Inhalational Toxicity

Dr. Mark Filidei, DO

The Brain and Mycotoxin Testing

Diet and mycotoxin testing , Brain scanning/testing

NeuroQuant and SPECT brain scanning

Mold vs Lyme difference

Dr. Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

Moldy Childhood Trauma Can Lead to a Moldy Brain and Immune System

Story of Dr. Keesha

What is trauma to mold?


Dr. Tara Boyd, N.D.

Mycotoxins and the Developing Brain

Complex chronix illness relates to pediatrics

Mold to mycotoxins andn its effect to the immune system

Detox strategies

Dr. Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Peptides, Mycotoxins, Mast Cells, and Chronic Illness


Thought process of how Peptides affect the body

Melanocytes & KPV


Dr Lauren Tessier, N.D.

Mycotoxin Illness and Autoimmunity

Different approaches to diagnosis and treatment; triggers for autoimmunity

Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD

Intersection of Mycotoxin Illness and Covid Long Haul Sydrome

Relationship between Mycotoxin Illness, Complex Chronic Illness and Covid-19 Long Haulers; Treatment properties of IV Vitamin C for those with Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness as well as for acute and long haul Covid-19; IV therapies for the treatment of Mycotoxin/Chronic Illness and Covid-19 long haul

Nicolas Pineault

EMFs & Mold: A Dangerous Toxic Synergy

Introduction to EMFs, practical straightforward suggestions to minimize our EMF exposures, the politics of EMF

Beth O'Hara, ND

Precision Mycotoxin Detoxification in MCAS and Sensitivities

Beth O’Hara’s Journey

Mast cell

Mast cell activation syndrome

Dr. Tanya Dempsey, M.D.

Is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) the root cause of chronic illness?

Coming Soon!

Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, M.D.

The Role of Gene Analysis in Treating Chronic Illness

Genomics definition of-understanding genetics and SNPs and how they can help us tailor therapy for the different types of inflammation that mycotoxins can stimulate


Common Genes to increase inflammation and mood issues

Dr. Margaret Christensen, M.D.

The Impact of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness on Hormones

Functional medicine

Toxic mold exposure


Dr. Sanjay Manchandra PhD

Using Energy, Resonance and Psychology in Healing the Terrain of Chronic Illness

Neurobiofeedback use of light and energy to change brain , QEEG to assess brain function

Dr. Jocelyn Strand, N.D.

The Use of Biocidin for Chronic Illness

Journey of using Biocidin

Botanicals in Biocidn 



Dr. Andrew Campbell, M.D.

Proven Methods of Diagosis and Treatment with Medical and Scientific Evidence for Patients Affected by Molds/Mycotoxins

Mold and breast implants, new approaches to testing immune response to mycotoxins,tests for immune response to mycotoxins Mymyco test

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD

Euthyroid Sick Syndrome, CIRS and Glyphosate Toxicity

Glyphosate & how it impacts health

Chronic inflammatory response syndrome

Glyphosate and chronic inflammatory connections

Dr. Lawrence Afrin, M.D.

Understanding Mast Cell Activation

Symptoms of mast cell activation, history of Mast cell Activation syndrome

Understanding the Biology, mast cells

Understanding mast cell testing Tryptase & Histamines

Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., PhD

Connective Tissue, Neurology, and Chronic Illness

Coming Soon!


Dr. Heather Sandison, N.D.

Mycotoxins and Cognitive Decline

How Mycotoxins affects the brain

Mycotoxins translocation to sinuses

Sinus symptoms

Scott Forsgren, FDN-P

Mold Illness in Chronic Lyme Disease

Mold, lyme diagnosis and treatment , place for homeopathic drainage remedies, patient journey through the world of chronic lyme and mycotoxins

Alison Marras, NTP, RYT

Dietary Options in Chronic Illness

Provide meal plans, diet 


Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD

Neurohepatic Coupling: Balancing ANS Activity to Support Detox Pathways

How Dr. Shade got into environmental medicine

Neuronopathic coupling 

Estriol hormone/Neurosteroids

Dr. Ty Vincent, M.D

Allergy vs Mycotoxin response and the place of Low dose Immunotherapy

The immune modulation approach to chronic illness. Allergy vs. Toxicity and how to tell the difference. Mycotoxin illness and how LDI can help.

Dr. Alireza Panahpour, DDS

Dental Infections and Chronic Illness

Biological holistic integrative dentistry

Biological medicine

Systemic Dentistry

Allison Duncan

The Ultimate Prevention of Chronic Disease : Empowered Pregnancies

Coming Soon!


Dr. Maya Shetreat, M.D.

The Emotional and Spiritual Sensitivity in the Complex Chronic Illness Patient"

Allopathic medicine


Ethnobotany, plant healing”

Erika Schlick Sinclair

The Role Of Diet When Healing From Lyme & Mold

Foods that can be healing or detrimental in Lyme and Mold/Mycotoxin Illness; steps/tools in finting the ideal diet; diet and lifestyle once in remission from Lyme/Mold/Mycotoxin illness

Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D.

The Survival Paradox

The survival of infections; the role of toxins; the survival paradox; highlights of Modified Citrus Pectin; the role of therapeutic apheresis

Dr. Jill Crista, N.D.

The Miracle of Herbs for Mold Recovery

Mold and histamine issues; pre-binders; antifungals and mold illness

Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS,

The Intermittent Fasting Transformation

Coming Soon!

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.

Its more than Mycotoxins Part 1 - 2 the Genie Test New Window on Chronic Inflammation

Molecular Biology of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome 

Multi-symptom illnesses



Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.C.

The Varied Dietary Roads to Health

Fasting, diet rotation and the microbiome


Understaing the basis of chronic illness

Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, DO

The Crossroads of Tick-borne Infections and Mycotoxins

Lyme disease

Chronic fatigue

Polyvagal Theory

Ravé Mehta

Experiencing Joy and the Road to Healing

Ravé journey healing Lyme disease
Accessing flow states for healing 
Music as medicine

Dr. Joe Smith

Beyond Vagal Stimulation-- How a Comprehensive Brain Based Approach Will Aid Your Mold Strategy

How inflammation effects the brain how our physical appearance and reflexes reflect brain inflammation

Michael D Schrantz

How to Understand the Available Environmental Testing Options

Journey in air conditioning space

Indoor environmental professional

Mold criteria

Dr. Kelly McCann, M.D.

The Multiple Angles of Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness

Mold patients and their ailments

Different practices for infections

Mass cells/ Inflammatory responses